Operation Bikini – Day 8

by meerabel

This sorry behind finally saw some gym action today! I was feeling well enough in the morning to give it a try – I avoided running because I’m not a total masochist, and stuck to the rowing machine and bicycle. It didn’t kill me, so let’s hope for the other thing. I certainly feel better for my new diet and (loose) fitness regime – definitely leaner, if not meaner! I’ll take my final measurements tomorrow so the proof is in the pudding, as it were. (Maybe I should have done away with the measuring tape in favour of a pudding-ometer. That basically comprises a stick, or a similar poking-device.)

Speaking of pudding, I’ve been having some wicked bad cravings this evening – I’d hoped I was done with those, but they were back with a snarling (not to mention drooling) vengeance tonight. In fact, my appetite throughout the day was greater – probably a result of the workout, but it also makes me question my meal plan. I had more carbs (incl fruit) than I’d normally eat, so perhaps that triggered the cravings. I’d thought I would be safe with wholewheat, slow-release carbs for dinner, but evidently I should stick to veggies and protein in the evening.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, bananas, PB

Snack: Guava, grapefruit, Ryvita w/ light cream cheese

Lunch: Ham, egg and lettuce pita pocket

Snack: None

Dinner: Spaghetti bolognese

Dessert: Watermelon; yogurt and blueberries; 1 square dark chocolate

My appetite today was by far the most erratic it’s been so far. Will be making a last-ditch effort tomorrow for more balance, and then all will be revealed! Unfortunately for me, that will quite literally be the case.

WTF Kitty knows what I’m talking about. This is me today upon realizing I’ll be in a bikini tomorrow: