Operation Bikini – Day 7

by meerabel

So it’s Day 7, which I suppose technically means that my week is up – but I’ve got a couple of days left till my holiday, and I think a couple of days from this past week to make up, so I’m granting myself an extension. I’m a little bit concerned at the moment because my chest is actually hurting, as if I over-did it filming that video. I’ll see how I feel after a good night’s rest. I just love it when things go to plan. 😐

My appetite has been diminished today, so I’ve been rather forlornly picking at my food. Today’s sad little menu:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana, PB

Snack: none

Lunch: Ham and lettuce pita pocket

Snack: Probiotic yogurt, peach

Dinner: Celery with cream cheese, turkey and a tomato

I think that half the battle to recovery might be won by convincing the boyfriend to switch the fan off at night – definitely felt worse for it this morning, but talking someone out of a habit might be one of this week’s more difficult challenges!