Operation Bikini – Day 6

by meerabel

I’ve just got a minute to update so I’ll make it brief! A more comprehensive report tomorrow.

I got in my exercise today, though not the gym as planned. (Logistical difficulties – it seems these boys are very precious with their schedules, especially on a Sunday.) So I worked out at home, mostly skipping and some resistance exercises. I love skipping, which is great because I lack the stamina and coordination for most forms of exercise. I used to be a good runner, then I got hit by a series of bad chest infections and now running even a block makes me feel like I’m dying. Skipping, however, is something I’m actually very good at, and the boyfriend watched me in total bemusement while I made like Rocky. I kept it up for a while til I was totally pooped – I know I’ve had enough when I start whipping myself with the rope, which by my standards is enough punishment for one day.

I wasn’t very stringent today with the diet – finding myself having to choose between the integrity of my regime and the sanctity of Sunday dinner, I fear the choice wasn’t very hard. I erred on the healthy side though – while we went for Chinese takeaway, I stuck (mostly) to steamed dishes and had only a little of my favourite noodles, and resisted ice cream for dessert.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana, PB

Snack: nada

Lunch: Roast pork and veggies

Snack: Plum compote, yogurt and, uh-oh, some chocolate buttons and a biscuit :s

Dinner: Dim sum, small portion Singapore noodles

Dessert: Pear

Even if I wasn’t planning to stay on a healthy diet, I would highly recommend the virtues of a food diary. It reminds you of all the extraneous snacks you eat throughout the day that you’d otherwise forget about, and it also trains you to be more conscious of what you’re eating, which is a great help if you’re a “grazer” like me. I was talking to a lovely girl the other day who said keeping a food diary helped her lose the 40 lbs she’d gained after having 2 kids, v inspiring and a great testament to the efficacy of writing down everything you eat.

Til tomorrow, my lovelies 🙂