Mixing It Up

by meerabel

I cook every day and I love it almost as much as beauty and writing, but I’ve never shared my recipes because I have a very haphazard cooking style – I make it up as as I go along and I don’t measure, and improvisation doesn’t translate well to recipes :s That said, my dinner was yummy, healthy and easy and I didn’t want to keep it to myself! So if you don’t mind throwing in ingredients without precise measurements, here it is:

Mama’s Mediterranean Omelette

Roughly chop: Garlic; Onions; Tomatoes; Mushrooms; Aubergine; Anything else that goes. Wash and set aside a handful of spinach.

Soften garlic, onions, mushrooms and aubergines.
Add tomatoes and a splash of water.
I add ketchup to intensify the flavour; you can also throw in chilli flakes, paprika and herbs.

Once heated through until all the ingredients and flavors have blended together to a nice consistency, take off the heat.
Add the spinach to wilt, and stir in a spoon of low-fat crème fraîche.

Once the filling is ready, make a one-egg omelette.
Spoon filling into the omelette and fold over.