Operation Bikini: Day One

by meerabel

In just over a week, I’m going to be on the beaches of Barcelona with my girlfriends, all three of them who look like they belong in a Lynx ad. Whether I’ll be frolicking gaily in the surf or sat sulking in a towel-swaddled heap will depend on the outcome of Operation Bikini: after a sedentary summer of self-indulgence, I’ve suddenly found myself in a panic at not being bikini-ready. Although until recently it looked unlikely that I would be able to make the trip, now that all systems are go (with a week to go), I’ve set myself a goal to fit into my too-tight bikini by the 1 September.

I’ve upped the ante on the challenge by pursuing a healthy approach ie. not panic-starving myself for the next week. I’m going to shed a layer through eating right and exercising every day – I’ll only deprive myself of my biggest vice, cake, but that aside I won’t modify my existing diet too much.

In case that sounds too optimistic (or delusional), I’ve also enlisted a bit of extra help that’ll hopefully help kick my butt into shape. I’ve heard a lot about Rodial Crash Diet Sticks and I’ve always been curious, so this week will be an experiment into whether these self-proclaimed “miracle sticks” are as good as their hype.

First off, “Crash Diet” is a bit of a misnomer – it implies something drastic, when in fact the only reason I considered a product like this is because it contains only natural ingredients that stimulate a sluggish system. Packed with metabolism-boosting caffeine (derived from green tea, guarana and green coffee,) diuretic cactus fruit and ash tree, and detoxifying dandelion and fennel, it’s supposed to offer a perfect last-minute solution to shedding a few pounds. In theory, over the next 7 days (2 sachets a day), I should be “sipping [my] way to a faster metabolism and draining excess water retention and burning fat at the same time”. Sounds too good to be true, but I’ll keep you posted over the course of this week.

As a supplement, this probably won’t be much good if I’m not putting in the hard work – diet and exercise. For the next week, I’m going to do 1-2 hours of running, skipping and yoga every day. I might even throw in some Zumba and resistance training to mix it up. My diet will comprise low-G.I. foods that’ll keep me going for a long time and eliminate cravings – I’m a serial snacker prone to sugar crashes, so I’ll aim to stick to a healthy meal plan that keeps my tummy full and my energy levels up.


Breakfast: Oatmeal with bananas, peanut butter and honey

Snack: 5 almonds

Lunch: Grilled pork and veggies

Snack: Watermelon

Dinner: Mackerel, brown rice and edamame

Dessert: Chopped peach and probiotic yogurt

Ideally, I’d have the brown rice at lunch so I’m not packing myself with carbs before bedtime, but my mama is cooking lunch today so I’m not going to be a diva. I’m sure there’s plenty that a professional would find wrong with this meal plan, but this diet isn’t about being militant – it’s about being the best version of me under regular circumstances. I’ll let you know how that goes 🙂

Starting stats:

Height: 5’7.5/175 cm

Weight: 56 kg/123.5 lbs

Bust: 84 cm/33 in

Hips: 90 cm/35 in

Butt: 101 cm/39 in

Thighs: 57 cm/22 in

Update: I caved before lunch and had a couple of rice crackers. Also, lunch had too much salt and more than a little fat. Great start – I might need to rethink the brown rice after all.