Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion

by meerabel

I only started using this because I received a sample, and it’s been so good that I’ve actually foregone my other toners in favor of this one. I have sensitive, blemish-prone skin and I like Mario Badescu products because the ingredients are typically minimal and natural so I know exactly what I’m using. This formulation is alcohol-free so it doesn’t strip my skin, and the witch hazel has been more effective on my blackheads than anything else I’ve tried; the seaweed and aloe are gentle and nourishing so my face feels clean and soothed, but never dry or tight. I don’t find the smell strong at all, in fact I like that it’s not perfumed.

Above all, my skin likes it, so it stays 🙂

Meerating: 5/5