Review – Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish

by meerabel

This is my HG nail polish. I’m pretty bad at applying nail polish, and generally make a mess and ruin my manicure before it dries. I’d sadly resigned myself to the idea that I could never successfully do my own nails until I tried this polish – it makes doing my nails such a pleasure that I haven’t been without it since!

The application is the stuff of dreams. The brush is just wide enough, with a curved end that snuggles perfectly up to cuticles for a mess-free application. The consistency of the polish is perfect, so it can be applied in thin coats and doesn’t go tacky.

The array of colors might be enough to attract you, like I was before I knew anything about the range and I bought a couple then and there. I first tried a pretty creamy-nude shade that I’ve been after forever (‘Peachy Keen’) and a super-fun bright Barbie-pink (‘Pink I Can’). I’ve also got ‘Red Zin’, a perfect deep red, ‘Pat on the Black’, almost-black purple, and my favorite – ‘Midnight in NY’, a sheer black with subtle, multicolored sparkles that is perfect for layering over darker shades like red, purple and blue. There are still so many others I want, it’s safe to say I now use this range of nail products exclusively 🙂

Pink I Can

The only problem, which loses it half a star, is its durability. It chips very quickly, so even though it’s a 5-in-one (including base, treatment and top coat), I’m going to start using a separate top coat. It has so many benefits though that I’m not put off, even if I have to re-apply more regularly – because it’s so easy!

Meerating: 4.5/5